K40 Drilling Rig | UK Spec

Techno Drill was established in the UK over 30 years ago so it’s a name you can trust. The K40 is the successor to the UK TD308.  It has a maximum rotation torque of 14.2 kN and a retraction force of 95kN. This is huge power from a restricted access machine.


The K40, and its predecessors, have had 30 years of real world working experience and been put through extensive stress and strain force testing. using CAD systems to ensure that everything is tested well beyond actual requirements.

Its modular design allows us to provide an array of bolt on options allowing you to adapt your rig for different drilling methods and environments.

UK Specification

Our K40 has been completely adapted for use in the UK, almost all hydraulic components are sourced locally giving you peace of mind when spare parts are required. Rig Maintenance works can be performed easily on site with standard plant fitters tools.


K40 drilling rig

See the K40 in action!

Watch this video of the Techno Drill K40 Drilling Rig being demonstrated.

You can see the flexibility and manoeuvrability we have built into this new rig. Contact us if you would like to find out more or arrange a viewing.

Very High Power Output

The JT200 Rotation head has two speeds with various torque \ RPM options and is fitted to each K40 as standard. It is operated using a control mounted next to the operator for convenience. This head is industrial grade and looked highly upon in the drilling/oil industry for its high endurance properties, max torque rotation of 14,230Nm.

The mast also packs a powerful punch with its Standard Pullback force of 95kN, this enables the K40 depending on ground conditions to drill depths of up to 200m in almost any situation due to its compact size. You can be confident that you will have the power to get your equipment back out of the ground.

K40 drilling rig

Movement & Agility

  • Mast Tilts 30˚ side to side giving full movement, making rig mast positioning quick and effortless.
  • Option of raking piles or bore holes.
  • Bed side to side movement for drill position adjustment.
  • Getting the perfect alignment in any axis is now possible without having to shunt the rig back and forth which isn’t possible once you have committed to drilling.
  • Hydraulic stabs for quick stability when required.
  • Detachable safety cage designed for easy removal and flat packing.

Limited Access

The K40 Short Mast in its most compact state stands at 1.6m, about 350mm less than a standard door. Tracks will retract inwards to 720mm which allows the rig to pass through a standard door, easily allowing access to perform internal piling. All hydraulic/manual stabilisers are designed to disconnect quickly with a main pivot pin and a 3 position holding pin. Hydraulic hoses can be quickly disconnected using their QRC couplings.

When faced with foundation/drilling works at the rear of a property with restricted access, you can disconnect the remote power unit and track the K40 down the narrowest of alleys, gaining access to your work area. Thus saving the use of expensive cranes, job delays and unhappy neighbours.

K40 drilling rig
K40 drilling rig

Durability & Practicality

  • All of our machinery is manufactured using industrial grade equipment and components.
  • Rig constructions are kitted out with quality guaranteed parker hose and fittings guaranteed not to blow.
  • Real world part numbers for sourcing parts fast.
  • Dual mast chains for added peace of mind.
  • We are still servicing Techno Drill heads that are 25 years old, so durability is completely proven.

Ecological & Lightweight

The new 2015 generation Hatz H-series water-cooled 4-cylinder 4H50TIC engine is included as standard in all of our K40 rigs. It meets the strict exhaust emission limits of EU 97/68 Stage IIIB and EPA Tier 4 final, without particle filters.

A pioneering downsizing approach has been pursued in the development of the 4H50TIC. The prime development objectives were reducing the size and weight while  simultaneously producing higher power and good exhaust gas values.

The outcome is a turbocharged 2-liter engine that reaches a maximum power output of 55 kW with a weight of 173 kg, setting the benchmark in its performance class.


New HR Series Power Unit

  • Compact and manoeuvrable size.
  • Fully enclosed water tight canopy.
  • Acoustic panelling for effective noise reduction.
  • Includes the latest Hatz 4H50TIC engine.
  • Available as a road towing capable unit.

Long Mast (Option)

The K40 with long mast option is a compact drilling unit ideally suited for limited access drilling sites for geotechnical or geothermal applications. This drilling rig is compatible with mud or air drilling configurations.

K40 with optional long mast features:

  • Breakout clamps.
  • Separate power unit.
  • Width adjustable crawler tracks.
  • All round 3 position adjustable hydraulic jack legs.
  • Wider tracks for greater stability.
  • Winch and mast extension.
  • Head Slide 600mm.

K40 drilling rig

K40 Specifications

Rotary Head (JT200 Series)

Max Torque 13,000 Nm
Max Speed 175 rpm
Through Bore 2-3/8” (60 mm)
Speeds 2-Speed Variable

Power & Hydraulics

System Pressure 3,000 psi (206 bar)
Max Flow 33 gpm (124 lpm)
Max Pullback 19,800 lbs (8,980 kg)
Max Pushdown 16,000 lbs (7,257 kg)
Engine Power 55kW
Fuel Tank 31 gallons (117 L)
Hydraulic Tank 55 gallons (189 L)
Cooling System Water Cooled

Mast Movement

Side to Side +/- 30°
Fore and Aft +3° to -90°
Slide Available Option

Dimensions & Weight

Height (Drilling Position) 2.2 m
Height (Transport Position) 1.6 m
Length (Drilling Position) 2.1 m
Mast Stroke 1.4 m
Width 720 mm
Weight (rig only) 1,500 kg
Track Adjustable Width 720 – 1,000 mm
Track Length 1,430 mm

* Dependant on options / Additional upgrades may be required.

K40 Short Mast – Standard Features

Clam Clamps & Breakout Wrench. 9” OD (229 mm) bore.
All round 3-Position Hydraulic Stabilizer Jack Legs.
Auxiliary Spool Control Function.
Separate Power Unit – Rig Towable
Width Adjustable Crawler Tracks. 700 – 1,000 mm

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