T1000 Drop Hammer Rig

This remarkable rig can drive up to 4m casings and operate inside buildings and tunnels with its remote power pack design. Now over 100 units sold worldwide.


Its small size has given contractors greater flexibility in pile placement and design, existing structures can now be worked around rather than removed, thus saving time and expense.

The high output, ease of operation, safety, simple maintenance and low cost are some of the reasons project managers and rig operators love the T1000.

t1000 pilling rig


  • Model 35 remote power pack up to 100m (330ft) from rig.
  • Telescopic mast with 640mm extension, optional mast insert for extra 6 ft to drive 12ft (4m) casing.
  • Hammer/casing guides up to 14” (355mm).
  • Hydraulic or manual jack legs.
  • 20 Cycles per minute.
  • Full freefall on hammer.
  • Rig and hammer weighs only  2000kg (4400 lbs).
  • Tracks are hydraulically width adjustable for extra stabilization.
  • Rig has minimum width of 750mm and a minimum driving height of 1610mm.
  • Rig has side shift of 125mm for precise pile placement.


  • Low investment.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Easy to operate manual controls.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Proven technology; over 100 units sold worldwide.
  • Built with standard components.
  • Piling hammers up to 1000kg (2200 lbs).

T1000 Specifications


Height when driving 2194 – 2834 mm
Height when driving with extension 4020 – 4660 mm
Height when tracking 180 mm
Width adjustable 750 – 1000 mm
Width with stabilizer 1766 mm
Length when driving 1610 mm
Length when tracking 1700 mm
Weight without hammer 1000 kg
Maximum hammer weight 1000 kg
Winch line speed 25 m/min
Cable capacity 33 m
Hydraulic flow 50 l/min
Hydraulic pressure 180 bar

Model 35 Power Unit

Power 30 Hp
Height 1163 mm
Length 2177 mm
Width 1090 mm
Weight 660 kg
Hydraulic Tank 120 litres
Diesel Tank 70 litres
Hose Length 25 m
Hose Length Maximum option 100 m

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