Drilling Rig Options

We supply options and tooling packages for our drilling and piling rigs to suit any project, application or soil condition.

Double Hydraulic Breakout Clamp

The Double Breakout Clamps come with a top hydraulic breakout cylinder set of jaws and a bottom set of fixed grip jaws. The grip jaws have hardened steel grip ‘teeth’ to securely hold casings and rods. Capable of gripping and breaking out even the toughest casings.

Double Hydraulic Breakout Clamp
Clam Clamp

Clam Clamp

The Clam Clamps come with a hydraulic breakout cylinder and two rod wrenches sized to the customers drill rods. The rods guides or ‘slips’ are also sized to fit the drill rods or casings as required. Capable of gripping both steel and PVC casings the Clam Clamp come as standard on most machines.

Hydraulic Safety Clamp

The Hands-Free, Dual Purpose Safety Clamps have the best of both types of clamping systems, but are safer and quicker to use. They blend the standard clam clamp system with a bottom hydraulic rod wrench and a top set of breakout clamps.

The standard Safety Clamps provide a 224mm ID bottom clam clamp which doubles up as a holder for the rod wiper when rod drilling. It can even grip PVC sewer pipe without damaging it for simple casing installation. The top clamps can grip 63mm OD pipe to 224mm casing with a combined gripping force of over 18,140 kg with a breaking out torque of up to 23,000 Nm.

As well as the hands-free feature, this clamping system almost eliminates the worry of human error during rod changes when extracting your tooling, whereas standard clamps are still excellent tools one wrong lever pull could release the rigs grasp of your expensive tooling string.


Winch & Mast Extension

The mast extension and winch package is ideal for geothermal and geotechnical applications. With 2,000 lbs of line pull as standard, the single winch mast extension fits easily on to the back of the drill mast.

Grout / Air / Water Rig Swivel Union

  • Compact design.
  • Thrust ball bearings for pressure and radial load support.
  • A choice of hose and lower connecting threads.
  • Easy field maintenance and repair.
  • Custom build for other rigs.
  • Max working pressure 2500 PSI.

Other sizes are available upon request.

Remote Control Unit

Remote Control Unit

Wireless remote controls are available upon request for Tracks only or Tracks, Rotation and Feed. This compact transmitter can be fitted with a range of different controls including toggle switches, micro-joysticks or sliders. This allows the operator to stand at a safe distance whilst drilling or manoeuvring into those tight restricted access spaces.

Head Side Shift

This option can be fitted to any of our drill rigs and when operated the head shifts over by as much as 600mm. This allows the operators second man to add or remove tooling with the use of a mast mounted winch or other lifting equipment. The larger diameter the rig is drilling the heavier the tooling can get so in these circumstances and others the head slide option can be a great asset to your drilling procedures and cut down lost time on auger/rod changes.

Winch & Mast Extension
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